Discover the Storefront Excite ready-to-use starter site

Fast, flexible and scalable commerce

As a ready-to-use starter site, Storefront Excite fast-tracks your time to market. The modular architecture composed of best-of-breed systems also offers unprecedented flexible e-commerce. You can add new functionality and services as quickly as e-commerce and consumer trends change. Altogether, Storefront Excite is your scalable commerce advantage.

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Create brilliant performance and user experiences faster than ever

 Storefront Excite offers scalable commerce without limits. The ready-to-use starter site is built on commercetools – a true omnichannel-ready commerce platform. Adapting easily to your needs, the microservices architecture in Storefront Excite gives you an unlimited assortment of building blocks for flexible e-commerce.

In Storefront Excite, performance and user experience win over technical details. The backend is connected with front-end functionalities in an elegant composition. And the tech stack we’ve built to create these experiences comprises world-leading scalable commerce solutions.


Benefits of Storefront Excite

Faster time to market – prioritizing customer value over time-draining technical details
Smoother customer experiences built on the latest UI technology 
Lower cost of ownership with shared packages that are continuously tested and updated 
Rich third-party ecosystem handles content, product information management, search, payment and shipping providers, customer relations and marketing

·         Thoroughly battle tested by early adopters such as Nordic Nest, Dormy and Ridestore 

·         Built on more than 10,000 development hours


Flexible e-commerce with market-leading components

We’ve hand-picked every component of the Storefront Excite ready-to-use starter site. And we’re proud that each one is a market-leading solution within its specialist area. Altogether, it’s a package built to ensure every aspect of your scalable commerce solution performs best-in-class.