Storefront Nitro - Product news

Our developers have done it again - in close collaboration with our customers and partners they have updated Storefront Nitro to work as an even more efficient project accelerator. The latest release eliminates common bottle necks and sets the stage for a kickstart of your project.  

Even quicker project startup with enhanced process template for accelerated requirement gathering

Starting the journey to a new updated commerce site can be an overwhelming task. Researching and discovering the requirements of a system from users, customers and other stakeholders is crucial but time-consuming. We at Avensia are starting these journeys several times per year and one part of our value proposition is that we can get you through that process faster. The process template for efficient requirement elicitation is included in the Storefront Nitro Starter package, and has been further improved with this release. 

Improvements to the Storefront Nitro Starter package:

  • Excel product catalog import 

One vital part in keeping up speed in a development project is having access to relevant data, for development, test and acceptance. It is not uncommon that access to e.g. catalog data is delayed which adds risk to the project.

With the latest version of Storefront Nitro we have added an extended Excel catalog import which handles import of catalog structures, products and variants. The import job can be run over and over again without breaking other product relations and dependencies. 

  • Personalize further by creating one block per physical store 

The latest version of Storefront Nitro now contains pre-built fully customizable store blocks which can show the consumer the closest available store based on geographical position. The store block can be customized for specific needs, such as where and when it should be shown on different devices. 

  • Increased usability with extended language and currency support

Let your customers shop in their own language! Natively the Episerver platform supports one language per country. We have now added out-of-the-box support for multiple languages per country. In addition we added a currency and language selector, allowing the visitor to select the language and currency to use throughout the entire experience. Visit our customer Filippa K's site, built on the Storefront Nitro framework, to view an example of this. 


This release also includes an API to update and manage currency rates.  

  • Inventory status 

The Nitro accelerator site now has configurable support for controlling visibility and available actions per product depending on inventory status. Examples: Products that might be discontinued will only be shown until stock level reaches 0, non-discontinued products will be buyable until stock level hits e.g. 0 and after that bookable or added to a watchlist. Parameters such as incoming date can also decide when a product becomes buyable again.  

  • Price and inventory integrations are now queue based 

Price and inventory are usually the most time critical entities in an integration between ERP and the e-commerce site. To better ensure that these entities are updated as soon as possible and ensure that the information reaches its destination it is now queue based.